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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

01 - What to consider when booking our station shuttle?

The station shuttle is an online service and therefore it can only be booked online. We do not accept bookings via phone or email. Please note that bookings can only be made until 6.00 pm the day before transfer. The system closes automatically - afterwards no bookings can be made for the following day.

02 - Why is there no connection detectable?

The system refers to previously defined connections from/to the train stations and more than 4,600
accommodations/destinations. Enter your accommodation or destination you want to visit in the search field
"Accomodation/Tourist destination". The system now scans all accomodations/destinations and you will get
a list of search results. Select the correct search result from the list. This will open a field on your right hand
side that provides you with the train station(s) that will be operated by the train shuttle. Select your train station.

03 - Why does my train/bus information not match the connection data?

The train/bus information may deviate from your information due to timetable changes. In this case, simply book
a shuttle service that corresponds to your arrival/departure times. 

04 - What to do when I miss my connecting train or my train arrives late?

If you miss your connecting train and you will arrive by another train, please contact the station shuttle hotline immediately. If you will arrive by the booked train and you will arrive later than expected, it is not necessary to contact the hotline. Our drivers keep informed about the current arrival times of the trains and will wait for your arrival or pick you up accordingly later from your destination station.

05 - What time will I be picked up at the train station or at my accommodation?

You will inform us on your arrival and/or departure time when booking online. You will then receive an e-mail or SMS with your pick-up time. Please note that our shared ride service is arranged in such a way that you will arrive at least fifteen minutes before train departure. We strongly recommend you to book an earlier shuttle, if you consider this lead time to be inadequate. Please remember that we are primarily a shared-ride cab service and, therefore, please be aware that we will wait for other passengers to show up in order to achieve a transfer that is economically and ecologically efficient.

06 - What kind of vehicles may be used to pick me up?

We have state-of-the-art vehicles of all sizes. The use of our vehicles primarily depends on the utilization of the transfer. All vehicles are equipped with modern amenities, such as air conditioning, advanced driver and safety assistance systems, and meet the latest exhaust and pollution standards.

07 - Are there other passengers with me on the shuttle?

Yes, we primarily provide a shared-ride cab service. This means that transfer planning aims at assigning several persons to a transfer in order to achieve economic and ecological advantages. It is, of course, possible to book a single transfer at any time.

08 - What are the advantages of individual transfers or single rides?

Our individual transfers or single rides offer you the possibility to book transfers from/to other Carinthian train
stations as well. Furthermore, there will be a separate vehicle available for your transfer that takes you directly
to your accommodation or to your desired excursion destination without any detours and without a stopover.
This way your holiday will start immediately and relaxed.

09 - How much and what kind of luggage can be carried on board?

There will be a limit of one suitcase and one carry-on bag allowed onboard per person per trip. Please let us know in advance, if your baggage exceeds the limitations and we will take care of it. Basically, the carriage of sports equipment, e.g. ski, snowboard, golf bags, etc. is free of charge. However, make sure that you have specified your pieces of sports equipment when booking online. For carrying bicycles, a transport fee of 10.00 EUR per bicycle will be charged.

10 - Kann ich meine(n) Hund(e) mitnehmen?

Natürlich können Sie Ihre(n) Hund(e) im Bahnhofshuttle mitnehmen. Achten Sie bitte darauf, dass Ihre(n) Hund(e) einen Maulkorb tragen. Bitte nehmen Sie bei der Beförderung auch Rücksicht auf andere Kunden im Fahrzeug.

10 - Is there a minimum time frame for ticket reservation before transfer?

Shuttle transfers can be booked until 6.00 pm the day before transfer. Specialized service is available for disabled individuals who require a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. Notice must be given when making a reservation if the passenger is in a wheelchair. A 48-hour advance reservation is required for specialized service.

11 - What is the maximum of passengers per transfer?

Basically, our service is limited to a maximum of 8 passengers per transfer. If you need a station shuttle for more
than eight people, please contact our hotline. We are pleased to offer you a suitable vehicle.

12 - Are suitable child restraint systems available and is there a discount for children?

Please indicate the number of required restraint systems when booking online. A suitable and safe restraint system will be made available to you upon availability. Children up to twelve years of age will receive a 35% discount.

13 - Will I receive a booking confirmation?

A confirmation of booking will be sent to your e-mail address immediately after booking. Additionally, you will receive your precise pick-up time via text message (SMS).

14 - How can I cancel or modify my reservation and is there any cancellation fee?

Prepaid reservations cancelled more than three days prior to the scheduled pick-up time will be refunded. A cancellation fee of 50% will be charged for cancellations within the period of two days and 24 hours prior to transfer. No refunds will be issued for cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to pick-up time. Re-bookings can be made until 6.00 pm the day before transfer.

15 - How to pay and is the payment secure?

Payment can be done easily and conveniently online by credit card, PayPal using your PayPal-account, or direct bank transfer. State-of-the art encryption technologies and our certified partners guarantee a secure online payment.

16 - Is it possible to get a transfer to the most popular tourist destinations in Carinthia?

Of course, you can take the station shuttle to take a trip to the tourist destinations in Carinthia. By selecting your requested destination you will get the information on the railway station(s) that will be served by the station shuttle. Please note that we do not offer direct connections or any kind of accommodation-to-tourist destination service. However, we will be happy to take you to the nearest railway station as well as from the railway station to your requested tourist destination.

17 - Why don’t you offer any kind of accommodation-to-tourist destination service?

We appreciate your understanding that our service is designed to supplement and support public transport. It is not intended to compete with public transport.

18 - Where do I find the meeting or pick-up point of the station shuttle?

Our easily understandable guide system will lead you directly to the pick-up point. The location maps showing the collection/meeting points in Villach and Klagenfurt can be found here:

Meeting point - Main station Villach
Meeting point - Main station Klagenfurt

For all other stations: You will be picked up in front of the train station by our drivers that are
are marked with our station shuttle sign and logo.

19 - Why is it possible to book station shuttle transfers only until 12/08/2018?

Our station shuttle is linked to the train timetables of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). This means that the station shuttle can currently be booked until 12/08/2018, as the train timetables are valid until this time. For the time after 12/08/2018 the station shuttle will be bookable as soon as the new train timetables have been published.

20 - How to register my accomodation/excursion destination as a bus stop of the station shuttle?

In order to register your accomodation/excursion destination as a bus stop you will have to complete the following registration form and send it to us. You will then be registered with the upcoming update.

Registration form - station shuttle